Barcode Label Generator Online Manual



Barcode Label Generator Faq and Tips

1. How many barcode  types do you software support?

1.1 Code 39 (USS Code 39, 3 of 9 ). Code 39 can encode alphanumeric characters, it  is designed to encode 26 upper case letters, 10 digits and 7 special characters. It is easy and used for internal environment.

1.2 Codabar (Ames Code, NW-7, Monarch, 2 of 7, Rationalized Codabar) Codabar can encode numbers, plus and minus sign, colon, slash, dot, dollar .it is used by blood bank, photo labs, library, express delivery and more.

1.3 Code128 Code 128 can encode all 128 full ASCII characters. It is widely used.

1.4 EAN13 (UPC ISSN ISBN ISMN)  EAN13 encoded by 2 number system, 5 manufacturer code, 5 product code and 1 check digit.

EAN8 (short version of EAN-13)  EAN8 is encoded by 7 digits and 1 check digit.

1.5 EAN (UPC) Extension 2(5) Digits Extension 2 or 5 digits encode additional information for books.


1.6 Industrial 2 of 5 Industrial 2 of 5 is encoded by digit.

1.7 POSTNET  Postnet is used for enveloper and encoded by digit.


2. How can I use barcode on MS Word or Excel?

-> Click "copy barcode to clipboard" and paste the barcode image in
MS Word or Excel.

3. How to create or print batch various barcode?

->First import a barcode list  by click "open barcode list".  Then you can click 'save' button to save all various barcode to image files or click 'print' button to print batch various barcodes to paper.

4. How to customize barcodes count ?

->Click 'print' and choose 'barcode full of page' for max barcode print on one paper or customize row and line numbers for how many barcodes on one paper.

5. How to add extra text above barcode caption?

->There is 'Extra Caption Text' option on print setup form.

6. How can I add check digit on the barcode?

->Check CRC button and the barcode check digit will add automatically.

7. How can I change barcode caption text and font?

7.1 Change text of  'caption' field for barcode caption edit.

7.2 Choose Option->Text Font and set font of barcode caption.

8. How can I enlarge or shrink barcode for print?

There is two way for you to zoom in or zoom out barcode picture

8.1 Change the barcode density or height value on the main menu.

8.2 Or right mouse click for barcode zoom out and left click for zoom in.

9. How can I get barcode picture file?

->Click File->Save barcode and save current barcode to picture file.

10. How to create colorful barcode?

10.1 Choose option->bar color to set front color .

10.2 Choose option->background color to set background color .

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