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A little True Case of ScanLite

          Michel is a laptop sales Rep, he travels around the world, attending the important laptop exhibition. And he has a symbol PDA with barcode scanner and ScanLite installed. Now, he is promoting ten new types of products. When a visitor inquires the prices, weight, and the origin of the CPU and so on and so forth and so fifth, he manages to fluently answer those questions one by one. How does he make it? He just scans the barcode on every type of the laptop and introduces according to thedata pop up on the screen of his PDA. What is more, he also gets and auto updated inventory of the most favorable products A-TYPE laptop which was inquired by 132 times, 54 times more than that of the second one C-TYPE. Then he comes back office with the valuable statistics of potential customers and HotSync the PDA with his PC to transfer them into an EXCEL which is a market report. And his captain has much interest in such a detailed and clear report.  


Custom a PDA BARCODE solution?

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