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ScanLite For Palm Scanner Trial Download! (1.3M)


Silkypad, Free Virtual keypad on Palm

Silkypad is a free palm software, VIRTUALLY converts the numeric part of Graffiti writing area into a 3x4 numeric keypad, you can enter numeric easily when you do inventory with ScanLite.

Download Silkypad



Calculator: InsidiousCalculator + X-Master

The Insidious Calculator is a free opensouce palm software that turns every text field into a simple, four-function calculator when you needed. It works under X-Master and this is a wonderful tool working with ScanLite.

Download Insidious Calculator  Download X-Master

POPUP Calculator : Snap

The Snap is a free POPUP calulator software.

Download Snap


Free Palm barcode generator: PalmEAN 13 AND Palm ISBN

Generate EAN13 barcode on Palm.

Download PalmEAN13

Generate ISBN barcode on Palm.

Download ISBN




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