Palm barcode inventory software


Portable mobile PDA barcode solution!

ScanLite 2.7

Latest Updates:

1 Add Duplicate Mode after scan, you can add an duplicated item or take an order or scan task using  this feature.

2 Add Replace Mode after scan, put barcode scanned into current fields.




Symbol SPT1550 and Visor+CSM150  Mobile barcode scanner can work fine with ScanLite software with no question.

Other symbol palm barcode scanner such as SPT1500 SPT1700 have different Rom version, it will met error if you do not know how to update the Palm ROM version and Symbol ROM. It is dangerous for beginners to update ROM and we do not give help or guarantee for it. 

ScanLite take wide range of customers and applications!
Sales force automation
Mobile barcode collection
Market research, surveys
Track and trace, Logistics
Utilities and meter reading
Home Care, Healthcare
Shopping compare
Field service, Technicians, Equipment servicing
Catalog orders
Commodities investigation
Retail solutions
Medical Tracking
Maintenance tracking
Time management
Commodities investigation
Trade show visitor recording and tracking
Inventory management
Easy shopping compare
Asset tracking 
Products statistics storage
Sick berth data recording and checking
Library book tracking and checking.
Computer inventory
Home inventory
Inventory control

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